Week Five Weigh-in

This week was a tough one, to say the least.  This week marked one year since we lost my dear, much beloved father-in-law to stage 4 glioblastoma.  And I basically ate my way through my emotions all week long.  I tried, guys.  I really did.  I tried to track, I tried to care, to not … More Week Five Weigh-in

Week Four Weigh-in

It’s Thursday, but I’m still weighing in.  This week has been the first truly pleasant spring weather we’ve had here in the arctic tundra, so I haven’t been inside at a computer much.  (NSV, right?) The Numbers: Down!  And after weeks of losing 1 lb or more, I can’t say I was thrilled when I … More Week Four Weigh-in

Week Three Weigh-in

I set a reasonable goal last week to be more active.  Specifically, that goal was to “fit in fitness” three times.  I kept it!  I did a bunch of zumba videos on YouTube one day (which scared both of my children), I went for a walk with a friend, and I did squats while folding … More Week Three Weigh-in

Week Two Weigh-in

So.  I set a goal last week.  And I kept it.  And lo and behold, it paid off!  Not only did it pay off on the scale, it paid off *off* the scale too.  I gained confidence, energy, a desire to be more active, faith in the program, and even allowed myself a burger and … More Week Two Weigh-in