[ joyful songs we raise ]

The twins were playing doctor today. Ehren was apparently quite ill. Christian was taking lots of x-rays of Ehren and putting him through all kinds of machines. Dr. Christian’s diagnonsense? “You have been eating too much junk food!” Then he gave him a list of instructions. The delivery was what made it so funny. He was very stern, shaking his finger, and speaking in a firm tone of voice.

Number one – Don’t eat any more junkfood.
Number two – Don’t fly around with blankets.
Number five – Go to sleep.
Number three – Don’t let the windows smash.
Number six – Brush your hair.

After he finished his list, I asked him, “If Ehren does all those things – will it make him feel better?” And Christian looked at me and said matter-of-factly, “No.”

I surely do love him – but when he grows up, I hope he sticks to engineering instead of medicine.