[ out of the dust He made us for Him ]

I just love those little denominational differences and when they come up in conversation with the Cundiff family. Like prayer time at the dinner table, when they say “ah-men” and I say “amen” like a good little Baptist girl.

Yesterday, I was praising God for a weird spring in Minnesota because normally by this time, I’d be flat miserable with my spring allergies. The twins asked me what allergies were. After explaining, Christian said, “Oh, I don’t have any allergies.”
I told him that I hoped he never got them.
Then he grinned at me and said, “I’ll never get allergies – I got baptized.”
I thought I was going to die laughing.
“I have allergies and I was baptized – TWICE.”
And then I thought Gretchen was going to die laughing.

Later that evening, we were talking about what I was going to do after I stopped working for them. I explained that I didn’t know what the Lord was calling me to do for a job yet, but I was planning to move in with Matt and Johanna Jones and their kids.
“Where do they live?” Gretchen asked.
“Phillips,” I replied.
And they burst out laughing.
And I smiled.

And as I was pondering all these things, taking a walk to enjoy the sunshine, with just me, the Lord, and my ipod – I realized that for the first time since I moved to Minnesota, I feel like myself again.

Thank you, Jesus.