[ what would you say ]

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m actually looking forward to seeing New Moon this weekend.However, I am hoping I’ll only have to pay matinee price and also be able to avoid screaming teens by going during school hours.

Why even bother going on opening weekend to endorse something I generally disapprove of? Same reason I read and started reviewing the Twilight books in the first place. So I can hold true to the promise I made my 5th grade girls: they can talk to me about ANYTHING. And Lord willing, I’ll be able to confront lies with truth and give these girls (and anyone else who asks) a reason to put their hope in Christ and not Edward Cullen or men who emulate him.

I’m used to receiving extreme reactions to this from Christians. Either they rebuke me and warn me about the dangers of getting involved with pop culture OR they praise me for making the effort to be informed enough to be able to talk about it with believers and unbelievers and give a reason for the hope that is in me.  Which one will you be?

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