[ complications you could do without ]

I resolved to knit most of my Christmas gifts this year. Four words: what was I thinking?

After making a killing at Michael’s on Black Friday, I was super excited to get started. I loved the patterns I was finding in my favorite knitting book. I had hopes of knitting a very plain knit cap for one of my male friends. Simple pattern, easy to match with whatever scarf or coat he may choose to wear it with, and the yarn was seriously perfect. Nice masculine neutral color, SUPER soft, chunky weight, homespun. As I started my project, it dawned on me that while the pattern was asking me to cast on 90 sts, that might be a few too many, considering my last hat catastophe called for 94 sts. About halfway through the project, I was pretty sure the hat was going to be both too wide and too long. After finishing the project and asking Matt Jones to model it for me, I nearly cried. Wish I’d snapped a picture of it on him, instead you’ll have to see it on me and use your imagination.

You might be saying to yourself – “It’s not that bad, Katie. You’re overreacting.” But don’t let the picture deceive you, friend. There’s a lot of hair under that hat. On Matt (who has considerably less hair than me) – it reached to about his chin and stuck out about an inch from his head all the way around.

Refusing to walk away with my tail between my legs, I started my next project: matching shawls for Maggie Jones and the miniature American Girl doll she wants for Christmas. The pattern called for absurdly large needles. 10 mm wide x 13.5 inches long, in fact.  I couldn’t afford them in bamboo and the metal ones can be kind of annoying, so I decided to try the funky flexible plastic Lion Brand ones. (They were pink, after all.) Aside from their inconvenience and mildly obnoxious clicking, I kind of felt like a clod sitting there with my awkward gigantor needles, trying to make faux lace for a six year old.

Music: Sufjan Stevens – “Casimir Pulaski Day”