[ angels greet with anthems sweet ]

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m ready for it to be winter in Minnesota. That’s right. Bring on the abundance of snow, the subzero temperatures, chicken and wild rice soup, bringing your slippers with you everywhere you go, and big puffy coats. I keep looking at mine, hanging all pretty and brown in the closet. Every morning, I check the weather to see if it’s cold enough to bring it out yet. It was 15* this morning, but I still wore my wool coat to work. I’m holding out for single digit temperatures before I break out the big coat. Conditioning myself. Dontchaknow.

I’m thankful for the grace God has given me to be able to adapt. Both to Minnesota winters and circumstances I wouldn’t have chosen were it up to me. Though I’m more than a little disappointed not to be going home for Christmas this year, I’m looking forward to it anyway. Lord willing, I’ll be with the Joneses and Chris and Holly Ray. I’ve been invited to spend some time with the McMullen family as well and I’m looking forward to that as well. Thanksgiving with them was great. We just sat around the table and talked about the Lord, late into the night. It made me long to see my whole family come to Christ.

So, to the predicted 6-8 inches of snow this week, I say bring it on. :)

Music: Over the Rhine – “Silent Night”


2 thoughts on “[ angels greet with anthems sweet ]

  1. The snow does look pretty. So far my motto has been, “That means it’s one day closer to summer!” – but I should try to make a conscious effort to try and enjoy the beauty of winter. God has much to teach us in all seasons!

    Now I better go get some boots quickly if all that snow is coming…

    1. Amen, sister. Embrace it! Just make sure those boots are waterproof, with good traction. Not like my Uggs or any of my cute dressy fashionable boots from Da Burgh. I’m going to be investing in some youknowhat-kickers myself soon enough.

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