Why am I regressing?

Earlier this week, I felt like a four year old as I tried to convince the family I live with to celebrate Christmas five days early. Why? Because my mom sent me a box in the mail that says “no peeking” and suddenly I have the self-control and patience of a preschooler. Although to be fair, probably a child much younger than that, since both the preschooler and the first grader in the family shot down my request.

Now, I’ve chosen to indulge my inner 12 year old by listening to mediocre pop-punk and spending the majority of the day talking in fake British accents and being generally ridiculous with my friends.

On that note, a word to the wise: don’t go out of town and leave dorky pictures of yourself where your friends and roommates can find them.

We thought the caption on the see-through envelope was the best part. Then Holly had a lightbulb moment, similar to mine earlier this week with Tim Keller and Patrick Stewart. Though I think David Arquette is smiling too much in this picture for it to be a true likeness.

Merry Christmas to all – and to all a good night! :o)

Music: Good Charlotte – Screamer


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