[ oh the weather outside is frightful ]

You know, I think it’s really fantastic to live in a house with such imaginative children. Cranky and underslept, I stumbled out of my bedroom one cold morning this week. And who comes rushing to tell me good morning, at the sound of my door opening? Maggie Evenstar – dressed as an elf, although she didn’t know that’s what she looked like. She posed herself for this picture.

I can always count on the Jones kids to brighten even the most dismal (and cold) mornings. Maggie’s new affinity for elf culture has sparked an LOTR revival in the Jones house. We’ve indulged our inner dorks two nights this week.

In other news, I resolve to make a post this week that has nothing to do with lookalike pictures. Happy New Year!

Music: Dean Martin – “Let It Snow”