[ what’s mine is yours to leave or take ]

The knitting ninja strikes again!!!!!!! Seriously, if you saw me with my Takumi bamboo needles cranking out these hats this week, you’d have said the same thing.

I love Erin Archer’s stuff, especially her “Sweet Slouch”. I saw it, loved it, felt the need to own one immediately. A few things stood in my way:

1) She sells that hat for $20. (sad)
2) There’s not much to it. I could knit it myself if I had the pattern. (happy!)
3) She won’t share the pattern. (sad)
4) I found her last pattern confusing and erroneous anyway. (tragic)

So, I came up with my own solution. I found a base pattern, made a few modifications, and voila! Two new super cute slouchy berets – complete with ribbon. :)

Happy day for me!!! Two Erin Archer knock-offs and I’m only out $5.50. Woot!!!!! Sad day for you – out of respect for my muse and her college fund, I won’t share my pattern either.

Three cheers for little miss Maggie, the best model ever!!! And also three cheers for the Fray, because I love this song.

Music: The Fray – “Look After You”