[ without your love, I’d be nowhere at all ]

I have lots of friends having babies right now. This is for one of them. Handmade with love from Auntie Katie. I’ve named him Aaron. Hm.. wonder how many people reading this will get that.

I also made this scarf/cowl/wrap thing for my Mom.

And another super cute slouch for my best friend, Evan.

You might be asking yourself where in the world I find the time to make all this stuff. And truth be told, I’m as clueless as you are.

In other news, I’ve exhausted the list of things I’m excited about knitting and have already made something for every one of my friends I think might like a hand-knit _________. Current project? Cable knit arm/leg warmers. For myself. And the award for knitting the most useless accessory goes to….

An uninspired Katie is not a happy Katie. I am now taking requests.

Music: Sandra McCracken and Derek Webb – “If Not For You”

8 thoughts on “[ without your love, I’d be nowhere at all ]

  1. I would like to commision a slochy cap for me and a complirmentary colored toboggan for Miss Viv….whats the going rate?

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