[ know that I’m still learning ]

Tonight was the Q&A with the Pastors at Bethlehem. I found myself walking away with more questions than answers. Here are my thoughts:

1) If Piper can’t come to a solid conclusion about who the Nephilim are, there’s not much hope of little ol’ me figuring it out. (Which is all the more reason I am thankful for brothers working hard to do that.)

2) Is the laying on of hands a power transfer or an expression of love and support from the body of Christ to one specific member?

3) It is beautiful and miraculous that the Lord opens hearts to embrace, love, and glory in His sovereignty and the doctrines of predestination and election. And it’s something that He doesn’t do for everyone. Which I think makes it all the more glorious when He does.

4) I am so deeply blessed to have been planted in amazing churches and I am sorry for the ways I have griped about them.

5) I want to be as excited about the Word of God as Piper and as intentionally prayer-driven as Livingston.

In short, I am an ignorant little mouse. And I have so much to learn.

Music: Marketa Irglova – “The Hill”