[ I don’t feel like stopping it ]

Here’s my list of noteworthy Valentine’s Days past:

At 12, I was “dating” Colin, my first “boyfriend”. He gave me a hemp bracelet and a heart-shaped box of chocolates. My mom drove us to the skating rink, our usual Friday night hang out. A week later, he disappeared. He was cast in a made-for-TV movie and I never saw him again. (No, really.)

At 19, I was dating Nate. You might remember him from my stories of birthdays past. I had put all this thought into choosing the perfect gift:  intentional, sentimental, and funny. I couldn’t wait for him to open it. It didn’t fit and he didn’t like it and SURPRISE! He totally forgot about Valentine’s Day. He left me sitting around his apartment all day while he went out running errands. None of which included flowers for his very patient and completely non-materialistic girlfriend. Then, around 7 or 8, he asked “Oh… did you want to go to dinner or something?” Then we broke up. And I wrote a punk rock song about it.

At 22, I was dating Jonathan. We had been officially dating for about three days. (So when I saw this Target commercial on the Olympics, I went into full cackle mode.) He bought me a big pink flower and took me to lunch. And I was over the moon. See, I’m not really hard to please.

At 23, I think this is the first Valentine’s Day since 6th grade that I’ve been completely content and covet-free in my singleness and I’m reveling in the freedom of it. Free from feelings of awkwardness! Free from the stress of finding the perfect gift! Free from longings for what the world tells me I need to be happy on a day in the middle of February! It just doesn’t matter to me. Three cheers for contentment!!!

Music: Orianthi – “According to you”


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  1. Thanks for sharing your memories! V-Day always makes for good stories. I remember one year back in college when I was living with 4 other girls, and all of us were in the midst of guy trauma at the time. It was totally depressing, yet memorable in its own right! Glad you are enjoying single life :) Me too! Have a wonderful week and look for all the ways God showers his love on you.

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