[ take a sad song and make it better ]

Here lies the Yoda hat. Never to delight a 12 yr old boy on his birthday. After a mistake by the knitter in the length of the hat and a tragic felting accident in the washing machine, it seems our fuzzy green friend suffered too much shrinkage in the head and not enough in the ears. Thus rendering him a discus with oversized floppy ears and ear flaps.


Pre-felting process. I look very much like I have an octopus on my head.


Apparently, I didn't knit the hat part long enough.

Attempted solutions:

Maybe I can cut the ears off and make it a trivet!
"Maybe you could tie back the ears and make it a lovely bonnet!" - Johanna
Nope, even Annie Rose can't make it look cute.

Dearest yoda hat – your spirit will live on in our house as every inhabitant makes delightful fun of you.

In other news, I’ve resolved to actually follow knitting patterns now instead of assuming I know better than the pattern-maker. (Gosh, that’s very telling…)

Music: The Beatles – “Hey Jude”

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