[ where you go, I go, what you say, I say ]

I had an immensely difficult time coming up with an opening sentence for this post. (That’ll do.)

I’ve put this off for far too long, especially considering that I knew almost immediately after the opportunity presented itself that I would be taking it. As you may know, for some time now, I’ve been agonizing over the missions question: to go or not to go? And where? And how and why and in what role and for what length of time?  I still don’t have any solid answers for the long term, but much to my surprise, it looks like I’ll be taking a short term detour this summer.

Surprised? You might not be, but I sure am. You may notice it’s not my usual stomping grounds. Oradea and Beius stand lonely at the north-western corner of the map and of course, Batar’s not even on there. It’s also not with PIMI, though I still love them dearly.

It’s true, I was thinking and praying about going on another short term project this summer. My small group had just begun discussing  a short term project to Guatemala that I was getting excited about. And then, I got the call.

Not the ominous call I’ve been waiting for. There was no parting of the clouds, or beam of light descending from above, nor did I hear a heavenly chorus resounding one 487-part harmonized note. It was just a phone call from Matt Jones (with a cheap ringtone, nonetheless), at a very peculiar time. He told me he needed to introduce me to Jason Harms. And after church, he did. Jason Harms and Larry Agnew talked to me about coming with them this summer on a short term project to Romania. As I understand it, my role would be to function as translator and/or cultural helper. (I’ll share more solid details as they become available.) After praying about it, I have peace about moving forward and beginning the fund raising process. Financially, it’s not within the realm of possibility for me. But the Lord has taught me time and again that finances are no obstacle to Him when He wants me to go.

I still don’t feel Christ calling me to go to Romania long term, but I do feel Him calling me to Himself. And I am ready and willing to follow Him anywhere.

Music: Kim Walker – “Where You Go, I Go”


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  1. slava domnului :)
    lets chat soon. my plans seem ot have taken a turn. and a continent shift as opposed to a county shift. =/.

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