[ je vois la vie en rose ]

I made these alligator mittens for Iain’s birthday.

I’m think I’m as excited about them as he is.

Music: Pomplamoose – “La Vie En Rose”

6 thoughts on “[ je vois la vie en rose ]

  1. these are adorable. were they easy for below average knitters? I think I would like to try them sometime, know loads of little boys who would think they are quite wonderful.

  2. Katie, I am working on a baby sweater that is turning out really cute (you could easily make two). I figured that because it says it can be completed in 4.5 to 5 hours I could complete it in a month or two. So I am now down to the body and will stitch the seams of the sleeves next then add cute buttons and a ribbon. It is called quickie baby sweater and there is different posts, but all the same directions essentially. Try it! You have until August :)

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