[ I don’t wanna live without you ]

You may or may not know this, but I live in a house with 9.5 people and two domesticated animals. I don’t know how many mice there are, seems I see one about as often as we find one in a trap. Not the point. I thought you’d like to meet my housemates, since I mention them frequently here.

This is the Jones family.The house belongs to them. I moved in with them this summer and that’s how it all started. They’ve have a heart for cultivating Christian community that’s downright contagious. I can’t begin to express my thankfulness for the ways they’ve loved, counseled, encouraged, exhorted, and challenged me. They are so intentionally Christ-centered in their marriage and family and I count myself greatly blessed to be able to watch and learn from them. Especially Johanna. The time she’s sacrificed to pour into me is invaluable and the example she has set for me as a woman of the Word is VERY high.

Casey belongs to them too. He’s only 3 yrs old, but he acts like he’s 90. He’s also the only dog on the planet that I’ve ever liked. Though, I’ll probably be complaining about him when they go to Africa for two months.

Here’s Chris and Holly. She’s pregnant with their first child. (Doesn’t she look AMAZING?!) They just found out it’s a boy. They only moved in with us in February and I already can’t imagine life without them. You can usually find Chris playing with the kids, making laundry detergent in the basement for everybody, or talking about how to make cheese from camel’s milk. Holly is usually exercising, hanging out with me, or putting her husband’s hair in dreadlocks while watching Lord of the Rings. I’m expecting them to start showering with homemade patchouli soap any day now.

And then there’s Jaime. Her fiancee Seth doesn’t actually live here, but he’s around enough to be included in the lot. They’re getting married in two weeks. We’re all very excited! Her patient, gentle, kind, humble, submissive, quiet spirit is such a blessing to me. She’s only been living here for a month, but it’s going to be a sad day for me when she’s not sleeping under my bed anymore.

And last, but certainly not least, there’s Moses. You might not think a turtle is a good companion, but I would disagree. Sure, he’s not cuddly, but it’s really funny to watch him get all excited when he realizes I’m awake in the morning. And he doesn’t chew my shoes or get into the garbage. Though he is kind of a scaredy turtle.

Music: Taylor Swift – “I’m Only Me When I’m With You”