The Whole Earth is Full of His Glory

Over the last several weeks on the GirlTalk Blog, Janelle Bradshaw has been photo journaling her life in a project she calls 52 Home. She’s a stay-at-home Mom with small kids and she does it so she can cherish the time she has with her family instead of allowing herself to grow discouraged with the mundane.

On Flickr, there are hoards of people participating in project 365. Basically, you take pictures every day for a year and upload and share your best one each day with a community of others doing the same. The idea is to document your life and become a better photographer. Practice makes perfect, right?

I don’t want to grow discouraged with the mundane and I do want to continue developing the creative skills the Lord has given me. So Lord willing, I’ve committed to do Project 365 on Tumblr with my friend, Justin. (Check out his blog and Project 365.) I still plan on blogging regularly, in fact, I hope this will prompt me to be a more consistent blogger and renew in me a spirit of awestruck wonder at the glory of God revealed in creation. Johanna’s been reading Notes From the Tilt-a-Whirl aloud to us and it’s been reminding me to open my eyes and look around me. The sovereign Lord of the universe, Strong Creator of all things, has said in His word that He’s revealed Himself in creation. (Romans 1:20, Isaiah 6:1-3, Psalm 19:1-6)

Here’s hoping I catch a glimpse of Him over the next 365 days.


5 thoughts on “The Whole Earth is Full of His Glory

  1. Oh I KNOW you will catch a glimpse – and more than a glimpse of Him – and it will increase your delight in Him and your desire to know Him and worship Him more!!!

  2. Hey, super idea!! I’ve felt swallowed by mundane lately. I think something like this will greatly boost my spirits. Thanks for sharing it!!

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