If the Lord wills…

Here’s a brief update of what my life is going to look like for the next couple months, if the Lord wills.

Tomorrow (7/9) – At some ungodly hour, I’ll say goodbye (for now) to the sweetest man on the planet and my best friend and I will drive to Cleveland, where she lives. We’ll stay there for a few days and I’ll get to catch up with the Browns! The family, not the football team – obviously.

Sunday (7/11) afternoon – we will drive to Toronto, OH, where her family lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere. I can’t WAIT!!!

At some point in the middle of next week (7/13-15) – we’ll drive to my mom’s house in Pittsburgh, but I won’t be staying long.

On Friday (7/16) – my mother and I will drive to Andover, OH and surprise my grandfather with… well, me. He has no idea I’m coming or that I’m moving back. I’m really excited about this too.

On Saturday evening or Sunday morning (7/17-18) – we’ll drive to Erie, PA and meet up with Phoebe and her kids. I used to nanny for them when I lived in Pittsburgh, they’re giving me my old job back for the summer. From there, I’ll go with them to Massachusetts until September 1st and then head back to the ‘Burgh.

Beyond that, I have no idea what the Lord has planned, and of course all this is subject to change if He wills. But whatever I’m facing in the months to come, I know that it’s good and that my God will prove Himself faithful again and again and again.


9 thoughts on “If the Lord wills…

  1. Ok, number 1: tomorrow is the 9th even on your side of this globe. Number 2: who are you saying goodbye to and who is going with you? I’m very confused by that first dated paragraph. It’s sounds like you are both saying goodbye to your best friend and then driving to where she lives in Cleveland – is that OH? Number 3: I think you should post a map showing the route you are taking so it’s clearer to those of us who don’t know our Penn State geography very well.
    Finally, number 4: are you sure? I think you should stay.

    1. 1) Ooops. Thanks, Jan! lol

      2) I’m saying goodbye (for now) to Josiah, who I’m currently dating. My best friend Evan (who is a girl) is coming with me. She lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

      3) Great idea! Just updated it.

      4) I am 100% sure. And believe me, you’re not the only one who thinks I should stay. But I can see His fingerprints all over this just as surely as I can hear him calling me to follow Him to the East Coast. I can’t wait to see what He has planned next.

      1. We all need more information on this mysterious Josiah, Josiah who? Does he go to BBC? Are you continuing a relationship over long distance? How serious is it?

        Glad to hear this is 100% in the certainty side. All the best as you go with God!

  2. I’m sad to see you go and happy you are going. As ridiculous as that sounds. I see the hands of Providence all over this move back and know it is for your Good and for His Glory. You’ll always have a space no matter the numbers in our house for visits! We look forward to seeing what He will do next. “When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window”–Maria in Sound of Music. This window was not foreseen by us but was ever part of His plan. And we’ll be cheering loudly if He sends you back through our door! =) Love you Miss Katie! Blessings as you go!

    1. Amen! I feel just the same. I love you and I’m so thankful for you. You have no idea how powerfully He has used you in my life. I’m going to miss sitting on the steps and talking with you in the morning and during nap time.

  3. You’re gonna be in Erie?!?! I know it’s kind of a hole-in-the-wall town, but I miss it!!! Eat a cream-filled donut for me.

  4. It blesses my socks off to see how many precious friends you have made! We are all going to have such a sweet time someday – and you will never have to be parted from any of them again, even for a second.

  5. I’m so happy you’re moving back! I’m getting a house in Greensburg so we’ll be, like you know, neighbors. Hehe. Say hi to your grandfather for me!! and to Cleveland. Miss that place. :)

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