Contrary to popular belief, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. I moved back to Pittsburgh, but I ran away to the Ohio boondocks to spend a few days with the oh-so-quotable McGalla family. I’ll write some real posts when I get back to civilization, but for now I’ll leave you with some of my favorite comments from the peanut gallery.

Zeek: “There are some people with such bad theology that sometimes you just need to punch them in the face… in Christ.”

Judah: “Where are Mercy and JD?”
Connie: “They’re upstairs.”
Judah: “…they’re awful quiet. What do you think they’re doing?”
Connie: “It’s okay, they’re with Miss Katie.”
Judah: “Yeah…. but maybe they killed her.”

JD: “Miss Katie, your toes are hot.” (???)
Connie: “… is that a compliment?”

JD: (stalling) “Mommy, does Miss Katie have kids?”
Connie: “No honey, she’s not married.”
JD: ” But you and Daddy got married and had kids.”
Connie: “Right, and why did we do that?”
JD: “Because you loooooooooooooove each other.”
Connie: “That’s right.”
JD: “I’m gonna get married someday, but I can’t marry Mercy.”
Connie: “Yeah, you can’t marry your family.”
JD: “I could marry the neighbors… but I don’t really like them.”
Connie: “Yeah, you can’t marry somebody you don’t like either.”
JD: “Hmm… okay.”
Connie: “Can I paddle you now?”


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