She WILL NOT eat the bread of idleness

I have been so creatively inspired since I got home from Massachusetts. I had totally been feeling it while I was there, but I lacked the resources to let it flow. Now that I’m back in the ‘Burgh and have access to all my crafting supplies, I can’t seem to stop.

I knit myself this headband after I saw the one Evan made. Hers is way more colorful than mine and her lace work looks nicer. Even so, I like it. Although, I think the next time I make this, I’ll use thinner yarn and bigger needles.

I also knit this reusable Swiffer Wet-Jet cover for my mom. Those disposable pads for them are so expensive, but I really like the whole Swiffer concept. I saw a pattern for something similar to this in Mason-Dixon Knitting, but I have always hated the look of garter stitch. Then I found another similar pattern modeled from a ballband dishcloth. But I thought that was kind of ugly looking too, albeit a bit more functional with the texture of the knitting. So I made up my own pattern for this one, using some leftover cotton yarn (Lily Sugar-n-Cream) from my stash:

CO 64 sts
Row 1-4: k4, p4 to end of row
Row 5-8: p4,k4 to end of row
Work until piece measures 5 in from CO row. BO all.
On each side, fold end toward center about 2 in and seam the edges together, creating a pocket to slide the Swiffer head into.
Et voila!

The whole thing took me about an hour. It’s a nice and easy, instant gratification project. And very green, if I do say so myself.

I also made this headband out of an old t-shirt Johanna gave me that didn’t quite fit me right, even though I really liked the color. I’m really into upcycling now, thanks to spending a year learning to be thrifty from Johanna and from reading Erin Archer’s blog.

Not bad for only using items I found around the house. I’ve been pricing these things when I see them in the store for the last several months and I haven’t found one selling for less than $10. I think I spent $2 buying that silver headband in a three-pack over a year ago– I don’t think I ever wore it. I have enough fabric left to make four more.

And then there’s my big project. This very 1950’s nightstand was a thrift shop find for $5. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to paint a peacock on it, which could mean that I’m crazy and a little too ambitious or that my window-shopping trip with Evan to Anthropologie for creative inspiration really paid off. Either way, I’m excited. I loved the cracked paint and yellowed antique color, and even the tarnished brass knobs. However, I was sorely disappointed when I realized it had also acquired more coffee stains and crayon marks from careless children than I was comfortable with. So I gave it a fresh coat of interior semi-gloss paint, courtesy of my mother’s basement, and now it waits for me to come and make it into something entirely different than a boring whitewashed nightstand.

I’m unspeakably thankful for creative outlets right now. It’s like therapy… only prettier and more productive.

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  1. You are inspiring me! I wish you were still in MN. I’m coming home for a visit soon. In fact, if you want to get my newsletter at your new location, email me your mailing address.

    Miss you! Wish we could do some projects together.

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