I don’t want a lot for Christmas

I don’t have the ability to hear this song without bursting out into a full-blown song and dance routine. You have NO IDEA how much self control it has taken to refrain from doing this at work lately.

And about mid-November I start wondering when it will be okay to start singing “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” in church.

Other favorites include “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus” (preferably in church at Bethlehem with the full orchestra, just after hearing John Piper read an advent poem) and “What Christmas Means To Me” by Stevie Wonder.

…Eclectic. The word you were looking for just now to describe my taste in music is “eclectic”.

What Christmas songs get you singing and dancing?


4 thoughts on “I don’t want a lot for Christmas

  1. I love Bruce Cockburn’s Christmas album. And I tend to like an odd or off-beat mix. Also the Afrizo Christmas is pretty good.

  2. walking in a winter wonderland… that song plays over and over in my head.
    especially when I actually AM walking in a winter wonderland (aka Minnesota)
    And then Seleh’s christmas album, Rose of Bethlehem, has some pretty high energy songs that I simply love! :)

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