Katie and the Pipers’ Great American Road Trip Marathon

So, in case you haven’t heard, I’m taking a road trip across America with the family I work for.

Lord willing, on Friday we’ll begin the 14 hour trip to Colorado (near Denver). We’ll be there for two weeks while Abraham will be hard at work preparing for the upcoming Abuyo launch. Then we’ll head back to Minneapolis for a few days before making another 14 hour trip in the opposite direction. Just when I thought my job couldn’t get any better, it now includes a trip to PA and three weeks of vacation!  I’m planning to spend at least the first week of it with my best friend (in Cleveland, OH) and her family (in Toronto, OH) before I head out (or is it “aht”?) to the ‘Burgh. At some point during that time, my mother and I will head up to visit my grandfather in Andover, OH, before meeting up with the Pipers again and heading back to the Midwest somewhere in the first week of August.

To be honest, I’m a little sad to be away from home in Minneapolis for that long. Just as I’m getting plugged in to my church (which I dearly love) and just as we’re moving into my favorite season in Minnesota. But there are a lot of things I’m excited about with the upcoming trip.

1) Photo Ops. Okay, well maybe not while driving through Nebraska where I’ve heard you can watch your dog run away for two weeks, but Colorado has mountains. And I haven’t seen real mountains since the last time I was in Romania– although MA has some really nice big, rolling hills, especially where I was staying last summer.  Regardless, I’m sure my camera will be put to good use. And perhaps my Project 365 will get a lot more interesting for a few weeks.

2) I’ve never been farther west than Minnesota. Although it’s been my goal to go visit my family in California for quite some time now, it’s never actually come about. Some day, daca va vrea Domnul.

3) I am sure that four 14 hour trips with all six Pipers (four children- age 6, 2, and twin almost-11 month olds, plus Molly and Abraham) is a recipe for… well, something awesome. Probably a lot of good stories to share when we get back, I’m sure. Mostly because both Orison and Morrow will be in the car. Plus, they’re hilarious and I love them.

4) I get to see my best friend and her family! I LOVE THEM! And I’m told the goats on Fidé Farm are kidding and there will be babies when I get there! No really, feeding a baby goat is on my top 10 list of best life experiences. Don’t judge, you’ve probably never fed one, so you have no idea how hilarious and adorable it is. And a week on their farm in the boondocks (and maybe a couple Garth Brooks songs from my childhood) is about as country as I get.

5) My new tattoo! I’m going to Pittsburgh and Jesse Yunker is in Pittsburgh. We’ve been working on this for a looong time now and I can’t wait to see what he’s come up with.

6) I get to spend time with my family. I don’t see them very often and I was in a very dark and selfish place during the months I was living there most recently. I look forward to seeing what the Lord might be pleased to do with me during my time there.

7) Catching up with old friends. Surprisingly, a lot of people from back in high school have expressed an interest in getting together. Thanks to Facebook, I suppose. I look forward to seeing them and hearing about their lives and sharing what the Lord has done in mine. If you remember, I’d be very thankful for your prayers in this.

Now for this week’s 365 updates.


6.25.11 – 11:58am
Body: Canon Rebel XS
Lens: Canon 85mm prime
Subject: Sweet Audrianna with her impossibly blue eyes. I adore the Brachle children.


6.25.11 – 1:18pm
Body: Canon Rebel XS
Lens: Canon 85mm prime
Notes: They’re in the umbrella club.

Just one of many reasons my church is so awesome– there are a LOT of creatively minded and brilliantly talented people there and quite a few of them are also gifted photographers. A few of us got together this week and took a trip north to Stillwater. I’d never been before, but I am already excited to go again.


6.28.11 – 7:23 pm
Body: Canon Rebel XS
Lens: Canon 85mm prime
Notes: I love this one. Even though she’s shooting with a Nikon. ;)


6.28.11 – 7:37pm
Body: Canon Rebel XS
Lens: Canon 85mm prime
Notes: I’m totally obsessed with these flowers.  We found them growing out of the rock face outside the caves I can’t remember the name of that now have a restaurant built into them. This is all sounding very much like my tattoo concept. Which is probably why I was so obsessed with photographing them.


6.29.11 – 6:03pm
Body: Canon Rebel XS
Lens: Canon EFS 18-55mm
Notes: Look what I made! I like the way it looks on my head far more than I do when it’s laying flat like that, but I’d much rather wait and take nicer photos of someone modeling it for me than attempt any more poorly lit self-portraits in front of my closet. I’ve been getting into designing lately, but this is the first time I’ve written a pattern for anything I’ve designed. (And yes, that is exactly what my desk looks like when I’m in design mode.) There are some adjustments I would make for next time, but generally I like it. It was inspired by a hat I saw someone wearing at church a few weeks ago.  Her name is Hannah, and I intend to name the pattern after her and whip up another one to give her for being so gracious while I awkwardly introduced myself and then promptly inspected her hat.