The Goodness of God and His Sovereignty Over Suffering

Most of those closest to me (or those consistently following my blog) already know how lately the Lord has been teaching me about His goodness– that my Father knows how to give good gifts to His children. He added another brick to that foundation this weekend through Pastor Rick Gamache’s sermon on the death of John the Baptist in Mark 6 this Sunday at church. If you haven’t already heard it, allow me to suggest that you do so now. If you have already heard it, allow me to suggest that you do it again. I remember being struck by it at the time, but the Lord reminded me of it this morning and hearing it afresh has blessed me beyond what I can put into words at the moment. Here’s a brief excerpt to whet your spiritual appetite:

“He is sovereign over suffering.
And this might be your opportunity to really believe that.
Not only is God completely sovereign but He is committed to working it all for your good.
Now, you might believe that in your head, that might even be a central tenet of your faith, but if you’re wavering in your trial today, if you’re doubting God’s goodness and the wisdom of His plan for your life– this is an opportunity to really believe it, not just with your head, but to embrace it with your heart and then live like you believe it, like John (the Baptist) did.
Let the Gospel work to drive out doubts.

If God could allow His Most Committed Servant– the Servant of servants, His only Son– if He could allow Jesus to suffer horrifically, far worse than any of us ever will, if He could allow that suffering for redemptive purposes that NO ONE REALIZED AT THE TIME, then can He allow other servants, disciples, to suffer for redemptive purposes as well.

God lets bad things happen to good people  f o r   r e d e m p t i v e   r e a s o n s .
How do I know that?
Because the worst thing ever, the murder of the God-Man,
happened to the best person ever— Jesus Christ–
to accomplish the greatest purposes ever— the vindication of God’s righteousness and our salvation.

He can and will take your suffering and redeem it.

Go. Listen. Strengthen your faith, and be refreshed in Christ.
You’ll be glad you did.

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  1. I too was SO encouraged by this sermon on Sunday and it was all beautifully tied up by worship. I’m really looking forward to listening to Rick’s sermon again! Love you girlie and glad that you were as blessed as I. God’s goodness encompasses us even in the fact that we have been blessed and encouraged by the truth in His WORD!

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