“You Change Your Mind Like I Change the Time…”

I changed my hair. Again.

I do that a lot.

I’m happy with it, but still a little self-conscious about the intensity of the red. It’ll definitely take some getting used to.

And while I’m procrastinating about dealing with this small mountain of photos to sort, organize, edit, and use for P365 updates, I figured I’d give all of you lovely readers a few before-and-after photos.

Here’s the before:

And after:

Colored, cut, and styled by the brilliant, lovely, and talented Katie (Steller) Schultz (with a little post-salon fussing by myself). I am always so encouraged after the time I spend with her. I love what she does with my hair and really enjoy our conversations. She just loves Jesus. And she loves people. And I just love her. So if you’re looking for an amazing stylist in the Twin Cities– look no further!


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