Because He Loves Me

Every time I pick up this book, I am blessed by it. I purchased “Because He Loves Me” by Elyse Fitzpatrick shortly after hearing her speak at the Bethlehem Women’s Conference this spring. I know I’ve quoted her in the past on here, so allow me to share a few excerpts that really ministered to me this evening.

“I have written about eternal suffering because I want you to savor and employ the full blessing of your inheritance. Rather than relegating eternal life to a future day, we must realize that we possess His life now, especially on those days when we struggle against unbelief and sin and are tempted to think that He is so disappointed in us that He has to forsake us. The Gospel tells us that being forsaken is part of the punishment for sin that our Savior bore in our place. If you are in Christ, no matter what your day has been like, no matter how many ways you blew it, His life is yours. ‘His mercies are new every morning’ because He is faithful to renew and sustain those who are His (Lam 3:22-24); indeed mercy is what He has declared over you. His love has forever banished the futility and regret of eternal condemnation from your soul. Unwavering faithfulness is His distinctive, not ours.” 

In response to Romans 5:1, she writes:

“Please don’t be confused here. The peace that God has granted us is indeed a calmness of soul, but it is not primarily that. It is the cessation of hostility between us rebels and a righteous, omnipotent ruler. In granting us peace, He is saying that although we were once His enemies, He has removed the opposition that He had toward us. We who were once children under His wrath (Eph 2:3) have now been brought near through the blood of Christ (2:13). We who were once ‘alienated and hostile in mind… He has now reconciled in His body of flesh by His death’ (Col 1:21-22). The payment he demanded, He has provided. He is not like some pagan god, demanding a blood sacrifice to appease His capricious wrath. No, He is a holy King who has been deeply offended by our rebellion but has taken the punishment He demanded for that sin and placed it entirely upon Himself. Because of this, we no longer need to fear approaching Him with our sin. All the just wrath He felt toward His rebellious children was spent on His Son. We can come boldly before him now, without trembling and in confidence. When we approach Him, He extends His scepter of peace toward us and speaks words of welcome.” 

And last, but certainly not least:

“When we struggle with sin and wonder if our faith pleases him, or if He is, in fact, with us, we can know with certainty that He is now and always will be completely reconciled to us. Would He ever tell the Son that His sacrifice just wasn’t sufficient and He has more wrath to pour out? Of course not. And He won’t say that to us either.”

Thank you, Elyse. And thank you, Jesus.

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