This Week’s Photo Challenge

This week’s photo challenge on the I Heart Faces Blog is to pick and post your favorite “face photo” from this summer.

I think my brain just exploded.

It’s also going to be judged by the public. So hopefully, if I make the cut, I’ll be inviting you all to head over and vote for me.

This was an extremely tough call because I happen to live with and nanny for a family with a whole bunch of completely adorable children that I often photograph. I also had the privilege of photographing several other lovely friends of mine over the summer and loved the outcome.

But if I have to pick just one and if it has to meet their criteria, I think I have to go with the infamous “Rocker Rocker”.

8.25.11 – 2:02 pm
Body: Canon Rebel XS
Lens: Canon 85mm prime


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