Fighting Frosty Doldrums

Do you find yourself suffering from a keen lack of vigor and inspiration as February rolls in? Is the concept of Groundhog Day completely lost on you? (Has it ever not been so?) Are you overcome with a nigh all-encompassing feeling of blah? 

Me too. We could then, as new-found comrades in despond, sigh and commiserate about the six more weeks of winter— or fifteen, possibly, if you live in Minnesota like I do. Surely no one would blame us. In fact, I suspect more than a few people would join us.

OR we could simply find something else to do. You know, some other more productive use of our limited time, space, and breath on this lovely planet. (Lengthy side note: don’t miss that link about the planet. There’s the most amazing high-def image of the earth from NASA on the Flickr Blog. Don’t miss out on the “original” 64 Megapixel view. Yeah. You read that right. SIXTY-FOUR MEGAPIXELS. Stick that in your camera-snob-pipe and smoke it.)

I’m choosing to look at my cabin fever as a means of grace. It drives me to make more plans with friends, visit new places, do things I typically enjoy when the weather is nice but never thought to try in the winter, and above all else– make stuff.

So I made a resolution to only go to coffee shops I’ve never visited before. And I went for a walk on a frozen lake with a friend of mine– something I’ve been wanting to try since I found out it was possible to do so without dying. And I went to the zoo with another friend and I brought my camera along. And there I found some inspiration for kicking my P365 back into gear and a love for Emperor Tamarins. No, really. Wait for it…


1.28.12 – 1:01 pm
Body: Canon T1i
Lens: Canon 85mm EF-S
Notes: Love the fu manchu moustache!!


1.28.12 – 1:02pm
Body: Canon T1i
Lens: 85mm
Notes: Awwww!!! Can you stand it? I can’t!


1.28.12 – 1:06pm
Body: Canon T1i
Lens: 85mm
Notes: I have no idea what kind of primate this is, but if you do, you should tell me! I’ll give credit! Promise.

I’ve also been making things. Lots of things. Including baby gifts, hand-dyed yarn, and a replacement pair of cabled Morgana mitts with some delicious birthday yarn. I’ve also learned how to fix holes in sweaters using my needle felting supplies. Who knew?!

So– what methods are you using to cope with this seasonal slump?


2 thoughts on “Fighting Frosty Doldrums

  1. Well, no time for doldrums around here. You know us….life goes on as always. The only difference is the amount of clothing we wear! We are kind of like the mailman! Ha, who knew. I dont know what kind of little furry creature that is… is not a goat. Love and miss you. C

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