Lately, I’ve been a major league blog slacker. In fact, I’ve been neglecting the internet all together. Can’t say I’m too apologetic about the latter part. Life away from the keyboard is actually quite nice. But it certainly can leave one feeling disconnected if she’s not careful. (No pun intended.)

Lately, I got a new job! After over a year of being the resident nanny for the Pipers, we’ve decided to happily part ways. Now that the twins are older and Molly’s staying home, they don’t really need a nanny anymore. Since then, I’ve started working at a wonderful Day Training & Habilitation program for adults with developmental disabilities. I’m a job coach—which means I wear a lot of different hats. Some days, that means I’m helping clients become better workers, both at contract work on site and off-site for various employers. Some days, I’m working to improve their quality of life by taking them on various outings in the community. And other days, I’m working to provide engaging, meaningful, and educational activities on-site to help them cultivate self-advocacy and creative expression. Recently, my boss told me I’d be responsible for overseeing and developing programs for drama, knitting, and photography. (What?! They pay me for that?! YES, THEY DO!!) I absolutely love my job and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Lately, I’ve been packing. I’m moving again, but only a few minutes south of here. I’m going to have my own apartment with a fantastic view and a fabulous roommate to share it with. I am stupid excited.

Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of Tom Wuest. All his albums are pretty solid, but Unless the Seed Falls is my new favorite.

Lately, I’ve started dating this amazing young man. His name is Aaron. He’s highly photogenic so I’m sure you’ll probably see a photo or two on here at some point or other.

Lately, I haven’t spent a lot of time behind my camera. But I have taken a few photos here and there.


12.21.11 – 9:02 AM
Body: Canon T1i
Lens: kit
Notes: You wouldn’t believe how cold it was. And still they’re beautiful. Words can’t express how much I love this family or how much I’ll miss them when they go.


2.4.12 – 5:31 pm
Body: Canon T1i
Lens: Canon 85mm prime
Notes: My lovely new roommate.  For everyone who keeps asking “Who?


2.9.12 – 6:58 pm
Body: Canon T1i
Lens: 85mm
Notes: We’ve had unseasonably warm weather for this time of year. Which has left most of us Minnesotans itching to be outside all the time. Funny how “cold” becomes a relative term, isn’t it?


2.17.12 – 11:51 am
Body: Canon T1i
Lens: 85mm
Notes: One of our independently employed clients, hard at work.



2.25.12 – 8:22 am
Body: Canon T1i
Lens: 85mm
Notes: Oh. There he is. He’s so talented. And pretty good lookin’ too, if I do say so myself. :o)


3.2.12 – 1:27 pm
Body: Canon T1i
Lens: 85mm
Notes: Another one of our clients, hard at work on her self-portrait. I absolutely loved this exercise. After taking their picture photo-booth style, I asked them to just paint what they saw. The results were stunning. And so beautiful.


2.19.12 – 3:30 pm
Body: Canon T1i
Lens: 85 and kit switching on and off
Notes: It is downright impossible to pick one favorite from these smash cake photos of Eleanora Ruth. As if she isn’t cute enough already, let’s strip her down and cover her with cake and icing. Death by cuteness overdose!!!


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