Reflections on Holy Week (and the baby)

This Holy Week has been particularly sweet for me as I reflect over the last year.

This time last year, my husband was not my husband. We had just started dating even though he was going through a prolonged season of doubt and not calling himself a Christian. I (and everyone around him) could see evidence of the Holy Spirit at work in his life and I had no doubt that he belonged completely to Jesus– we were all just waiting for Aaron to figure that out. I knew that the Lord was speaking most clearly to me that HE– Yahweh, the Lord of all creation– was my God, He was the one in whom I trust, He was the one in control, and my job was to follow Him. In His mercy, I didn’t have to wait very long. There’s so much more, but that’s another story.

I remember last year at this time, Aaron had a huge breakthrough during Holy Week. I remember how beautiful that Good Friday service was, how much I loved the music and how our awesome drama team would recite scripture in between songs, our pastor’s powerful crucifixion narrative, and how long Aaron spent on his knees in the dark and quiet auditorium after it was all over.

And the Lord established yet another testimony that night. And oh, how His people rejoiced. Jon Bloom was so excited, he kissed him. His parents were dancing in the driveway when we pulled in to tell them the news. I cried. A lot. Most beautifully, I remember all our prayers being answered, that the boy who looked so sad and angry in church a year ago was now freely worshiping on Easter Sunday. Just like he’d asked.





3.29.13 – 6:17 pm
Body: Canon T1i
Lens: Canon 24-70mm L
Notes: This year’s Good Friday service was even more beautiful. The Lord is so good. I couldn’t pick just one. You can watch & listen to the whole thing here.

Week: 11

Baby is the size of: a lime! Wow! That’s bigger than a prune! Also, I’m showing about enough to make people wonder if I’m pregnant or just fat.

Loves: Italian ice, slushies, frozen fruit bars, cold and refreshing things like that. Fresh strawberries! Maternity leggings. FIVE GUYS– only way I can manage to get a legitimate amount of meat in my system, unless my mother-in-law makes corned beef again. Mmmmm!!

Hates: Being sick, feeling crampy, getting all hormone crazy. Onions, garlic, the grocery store, cooking, & my prenatal vitamins.


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