Week 12

This week brings me working on a baby blanket for Baby Maurer. Hand knit baby blankets are so much work that I’ve actually never made one before. There are so few people in this world that I love enough to commit to such a major project– though for several, I’ve come very, very close. I suppose it’s only right that my first blanket should be for our first child.

It’s going to be a pretty straight-forward striped blanket. Picking the pattern and colors was kind of an ordeal, since we haven’t decided if we’re finding out the baby’s gender and I tend to hate gender neutral colors. Being a photographer, I see everything through a what-will-this-look-like-on-camera lens, and no small baby looks cute in yellow. (Unless you’re really into jaundice or a ketchup-and-mustard look.) So, these are the colors I finally settled on.



4.4.13 – 10:36 am
Body: Canon T1i
Lens: Canon 24-70mm L
Notes: And they’re machine washable recycled cotton! Heavenly! :)

Week: 12

Baby is the size of: a plum!

Loves: Van’s gluten-free blueberry waffles, potatoes (all forms), popsicles, my husband who brings me slushies, my family (seriously, they’re amazing), and strawberries.

Hates: Meat, Udi’s bagels after they’ve been frozen, vitamins (I’m really trying), my car, my clothes, cooking, feeling hungry and sick at the same time, dirty floors, and the humid bathroom after taking a shower. That last one’s weird, I know, but it seriously makes me gag every time.

How I’m Feeling: I have good days and bad days. Usually the good days are good half-days. Last night was really bad. Pretty sick of being sick.


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  1. Oh honey, I can come over and wash your floors! :o) And I totally get the humid bathroom thing. ugh.

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