Week 13

This week has been rather a sick one unless I’m sitting very still. About all I seem to be able to do without gagging is work on the baby blanket. However, I’m pretty determined to at least utilize this forced down time to get all my photography stuff together. My official website is soo close to being ready to launch! Can’t wait! And since the weather outside is frightful and I haven’t been consistently blogging or updating my Facebook page with session previews, I figured I might spice up this week’s P365 update with a few previously unpublished throwbacks from my session last spring with the Erickson Family.





5.28.13 – 6:42 pm
Body: Canon T1i
Lens: Canon 85mm
Notes: Seriously. Why didn’t I post these?! (On second thought, that was engagement weekend. Ah hah!)

I had my monthly appointment at the Minnesota Birth Center this morning. I seriously love these ladies. They’re amazing! I got to hear our little sweetie’s heartbeat for the first time!! His/her heart rate was at 160, which my midwife says is perfect. The little things make it all so much more exciting.

I’m trying to pretend there isn’t fresh snow-slush on the ground, although I’m not too surprised, it is April in Minnesota after all. Even so, winter is coming to an end whether it likes it or not. Aslan is on the move!

Week: 13

Baby is the size of: a peach! How cute! :)

Loves: Fresh fruit- specifically granny smith apples and strawberries, but oranges are all right too. Popsicles, pad thai (sans bean sprouts), chocolate milk, and Progresso’s gluten-free chicken rice with vegetable soup. The YouVersion bible app that reads the Gospels aloud to me every morning (because even reading makes me sick) and the Overdrive Media app employed by my local library which allows me to listen to audiobooks for free on my iPhone! Most of all, my amazing husband whose patience, grace, and love for me despite my hormonal, miserable state are just astounding. I see so much Jesus in him.

Hates: My kitchen, my freezer, my dirty floors, basically everything in my apartment except my warm bed. Next week, spring is coming to this apartment whether this baby’s ready for it or not. I am resolved!