Week 14

Happy sleet/hail/slush/snow/rain season, fellow Minnesotans. You can say what you like about MN, but I’m convinced nobody appreciates and gets out to enjoy nice weather half as well as the people who live here. Give it a couple more weeks and I’ll be doing a happy-happy-thank-you-Jesus dance in my front yard, which will then be green and flooded with sunshine.

Until then, I’ll be hiding under the blankets, knitting and waiting to not feel sick anymore.

I also decided to attempt the belly photo thing, since it’s actually been tremendously helpful for me to be able to reference what my best friend was going through and looking like week-by-week throughout her pregnancy. I’m afraid I was too lazy to dig out my tripod and I can’t imagine trying to take selfies without one while using my big, honkin’ heavy lenses, so iPhone it is. Don’t mind my disillusioned, “stupid camera phone” face or my messy living room.


Week: 14

Baby is the size of: a lemon? I feel like that’s smaller than a peach. Less cute too. Unless it’s like an anime lemon. Then it’s probably cute. (Link. Yeah, see? That’s cute.)

Loves: Yellow curry chicken and rice from Marla’s, salads from Pizza Luce, fresh fruit, frozen lime fruit bars, picking out registry stuff, The Hunger Games soundtrack (specifically this song), The Voice.

Hates: Drama of any kind (seriously zero tolerance), dirty dishes, clutter and disorganization, feminism, onions, garlic, being tired.

How I’m Feeling: Gradually better. More heartburn now, still sicker than I’d like to be, but hopeful for a second wind as I am now moving into my second trimester. Still, thankful for this little life and excited to be closer to meeting my son or daughter.

2 thoughts on “Week 14

  1. You look great, Katie! Sorry you don’t feel as well as you look. I hope the second trimester treats you better. (Did you ever think we’d be saying this stuff to each other as we sat on the hunter green carpet in the ghetto house of tears?)

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