Week 16

If you’re thinking I skipped a week, you’re right. I was too busy actually getting out to enjoy the (finally!) nice weather to stay in and blog. Minneapolis is such an interesting place. All winter long, everyone’s all shut up in their houses and zipped up in all their phyiscal and social layers– and then the weather gets warm and everybody’s outside running and biking and walking and playing and saying hello to people passing by on the street and in the grocery store. Vitamin D is a powerful thing. Of course this last week, we had yet another bout of winter weather, so now we’re all back to being unsociable and taciturn (or at least I seem to be) but I’m resolved to hide in our apartment ’til Aslan shakes his mane again.

BUT! I felt the baby move this week and that is the reason for how happy I am in the picture below. It was just phenomenal.


Week: 16

Baby is the size of: an avocado? But last week it was a navel orange and I feel like that’s bigger than an avocado. Unless it’s some kind of weird GMO-ed avocado.

Loves: Sunshine! Fresh fruit, fresh veggies, the Ruby Rae from Pizza Luce, my long distance nephew Garrett (who is just the cutest thing ever) and his lovely Mama, teaching myself Photoshop via internet tutorials when I’m too sick to function, reading about how the baby is developing. (Seriously, makes me so happy I get all choked up.)

Hates: Indigestion, being cold, onions, garlic, and hormones. Seriously, I can go from zero to homicidal in about two seconds for pretty much no reason. Some days it feels like I have to repent about every ten minutes. (Okay, five.)

How I’m Feeling: Generally, better. I’m having more good days now, but I have to be really careful since it’s easy for me to overdo it and then I’m sick in bed for the next day or two. That being said, marathons of social calls, errand running, and riding along with Aaron in the Jeep is quite too much– as was my attempt at an hour long prenatal yoga class. Gotta figure out how to lower my expectations of myself even now when I’m feeling well enough to try harder.

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