Week 23

This week has been crazy. And hot. Wow. It’s amazing how much lower my tolerance for heat and humidity is right now. And also how seemingly no hair product (including all my tried-and-true regulars) seems to be able to tame my crazy hair. I’ve heard other women say that pregnancy changed their hair in some way, which I guess makes sense, since hormones are responsible for all kinds of weird ways my body is changing. Still, inconvenient timing.

You’ll have to forgive the crappy cell phone picture. I had a friend take some of me yesterday on a photo walk, but they didn’t turn out. Mostly because I hate the way my clothes fit right now. Ugh. Really envying those celebrities and friends that just look amazing pregnant. (Kate Middleton, Angelina Jolie, Johanna Jones, Holly Ray, Erica Danielson, my sister-in-law, etc…) They get the glow. I get fat and full of heartburn. Mehhhh.


Week: 23

Baby is the size of: a grapefruit. Hee hee!!

Loves: Amy’s GF Rice Mac and Cheese, Teva sandals (LIFESAVER!), feeling the baby move, MY prenatal yoga class & instructor, frozen things, my husband.

Hates: Humidity, most clothing, my hair, stupid prenatal yoga teachers who expect pregnant women to be able to fold themselves in half or do a hardcore workout for over an hour in a poorly ventilated room with 30 other sweaty pregnant women who are all practicing heavy breathing. Haven’t been that sick in a loooooooong time.