Week 24

I can’t tell you how thankful I am for our air conditioner. And electricity. And food that can be cooked quickly and doesn’t permeate our apartment with the smell of cooking food. And frozen vegetable steamer bags– they don’t even make dishes! Lemonade. Knitting. The internet. Thermal curtains. Iced chai tea lattes. Down-to-earth prenatal yoga instructors. My husband. So much grace.

This week, Aaron *finally* got to feel the baby kick. FINALLY!!


Week: 24

Baby is the size of: a canteloupe! That’s huge! And I love canteloupe!!

Loves: Canteloupe, the baby, Aaron, chai tea lattes, sweet friends, watching my belly move when the baby kicks (so weird!!!), nesting, Lightroom 4, the gluten free menu at Bryant Lake Bowl, shopping for the baby, clean laundry, heck, I’m even kind of fond of Prim this week.

Hates: Cooking, dishes, humidity, missing items of clothing or favorite items that don’t fit anymore, funky/bad smells, stupid men on Lake Street who whistle at me (FYI, you’re either gross or a jerk), garlic, onions, insects of all kinds.

How I’m Feeling: Better. Muuuuuch better. Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus.