Week 29 (and a bunch of photos)

Wow.  A lot can happen in three weeks.

I got bigger. So did the baby– who actually spent the whole day yesterday doing somersaults and other wacky tricks that made my belly look more like a wave pool and less like a part of my body. That is, until Aaron got home from work and started playing guitar and singing while waiting for supper to be ready. All of a sudden, things got very peaceful in there. It’s okay, Baby. I love listening to your Daddy play and sing too. At least we know we have another Iron & Wine fan in the Maurer family.

I took a quick trip to Pittsburgh and Ohio. Primarily to help with some family issues, but also to spend some time relaxing on the farm (and in the pool) with my best friend and her family. I got to meet my sweet little long-distance nephew. I adore him. The pool is my new favorite thing. Well, except for Garrett.


He even looks cute in cell phone pictures. I just want to snuggle hiiiiiiiiiim.

I am *finally* almost finished with the wedding photos I’ve been working my way through. Despite the mid-ceremony downpour, challenging lighting situations, 90 degree weather, and technical difficulties– I love them. Jeb & Amy-Beth– you guys have such a beautiful family and a beautiful story. I love the way you look at each other! Don’t you dare stop that!! Here are a few favorites from the big day.

2013-08-01_0007 2013-08-01_0015 2013-08-01_0008 2013-08-01_0010 2013-08-01_0012

And lastly, news from the bump. I truly hate these cell phone photos. Buuut, then again I hate all photos of me right now. Don’t shush me, I’m pregnant and hormonal and I’m allowed to hate the way I look right now. It’s for a good cause.


Week: 29

Baby is the size of: an acorn squash. Hmm. Feels more like a bowling ball, but okay.

Loves: STEAK. Mmm. Delicious. Amy’s GF Rice Mac & Cheese, popsicles, Dee’s homemade red currant syrup made from the currants in her garden (especially on vanilla ice cream), being officially in my third trimester, the popcorn-and-a-pop deal at the Target Cafe, and THIS GLORIOUS WEATHER!!! This is why I love living in Minnesota. This is what makes our winters worth it. 

Hates: eggs, onions, things Aaron likes to eat, being tired, dirty floors (we have an unruly cat, this is an endless battle), waiting to meet the baby, driving, heartburn, my hips (they hurt and pop in the night like I’m 90), having to wait to do my nesting until various ducks are aligned, whoever stole my favorite tunic dress out of the laundry room in our apartment building (if I find you– you better pray Jesus has my hormones on a tight leash), having zero energy, etc.

How I’m Feeling: sick again. Heartburn out of control, nausea and/or other digestive unpleasantness, anxious to get our bedroom baby ready, tired, sick of waiting to meet my child. Also very emotional and sentimental– really missing some dear friends in Africa. However, very, VERY excited that my dearest Romanian friend is coming to visit us next week with her beau! Nu pot sa astept!!