Week 35

I can’t believe we’re (hopefully) only five weeks away from meeting our son.

Oh yeah, it’s a boy. In case you haven’t heard.

His name is Moses. Moses Jacob Maurer. I can’t waaaaaait to meet him.

I’m at the point in pregnancy where I’m really, really sick of being pregnant. 8 months of sickness and pain and discomfort and worrying if my little guy is okay in there really makes Romans 8 (especially v.18-25) all the more real to me.

I’m also at the point in pregnancy where I’m really, really excited. Washing and folding little clothes, packing the diaper bag, crossing things off the to-do list, installing the car seat, hating the ugly chair in the corner of our bedroom that needs to GO (preferably NOW) so we have a place to set up my son’s bed. All these things make me so ready to meet Moses and start being his Mama on the other side of the womb.

Also– I opened a package of newborn size diapers yesterday to put some in the diaper bag. HOW STINKING CUTE AND TINY ARE THEY!??!?!?!?!?! I thought I was going to die. Other favorite activities include watching other Mamas in church with their newborns and hearing tiny baby cries. I watched a video about bathing newborns (since believe it or not, in seven years of nannying, I’ve never done that!) and got all choked up. Hormonesssssssss….

My baby shower was amazing. I usually haaaaaaaaaate going to showers– always such awkward social situations and they always seem to go on FOREVER and then there’s all the ooh-ing and ahhh-ing over a million baby gifts. But, much to my surprise, I loved mine! I guess it’s different when the presents are for your baby. And I knew everybody there. And most everyone there knew each other too. And it was on a weeknight and my MIL kept everything moving at a pretty fast pace. AND ALL THE FOOD WAS GLUTEN-FREE!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!

Thought I’d shake up the belly photo thing. I really, truly hate selfies, you guys. Plus, I’d say it qualifies as a loooooong overdue P365 update.

So here’s the view from where I stand. Note the lack of feet.



Week: 35

Baby is the size of: a coconut. (Excuse me? Did you see that belly photo? What kinda GMO coconut am I growing?!)

Loves: M&M McFlurries and Sprite. Seriously, doesn’t matter what kind of day I’m having, how sick I’m feeling, or how overheated I am– give me either one of these and my whole world is better. Such amazing grace. Thank you, Jesus.

Hates: This dreadful hot and humid weather we’ve been having. Although, I’m thankful it seems to have cooled off today. I don’t think I’ve ever been excited for the end of summer before (especially not as a resident of Minnesota), but I sure am now. Also TAKING A SHOWER. Gross, right? Even though I feel better for being clean, it takes me like an hour to be able to breathe normally. That humidity just chokes the life out of me.

How I’m Feeling: Mostly sick. Also consistently winded and tired. Kind of an emotional rollercoaster and/or basket case of nesting. (Read: MUST CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!!!) I went on a picture hanging rampage last night. My very precise and calculated husband (read: measure twice, cut once, then measure two more times to make sure you’ve really got it right) was very helpful and only asked once if I really needed him to hang the photos at 9:00 at night. He’s my hero.