Week 36

Can I just say how thankful I am for the cooler weather? It makes me excited to be a knitter again. In fact, for how sick and out of energy I’ve been, I might even be able to finally finish Aaron’s Christmas sweater! Err.. last year’s Christmas sweater. Maybe I should call it a “first year of marriage” sweater instead. He did the math for me last night about how long it’s taken me and materials and what not. If I were being paid $5/hr to knit, this sweater would be worth over $850.

He. better. love. it.

Since I’m still not feeling the whole baby bump photo thing, how about if I share some photos of baby knitting I’ve been doing lately?

For my niece, who will hopefully be arriving soon:


For little baby Moses:



And admittedly these are not for any baby, but to be auctioned at the upcoming Fall Fundraiser for Choice, Inc. I love the way they turned out so much I just had to post them. They’re just as cozy as they look. Go to the fundraiser. Make an offer!


Week: 36

Baby is the size of: a honeydew.

Loves: chai tea lattes, cooler weather, knitting, baby Moses, Sprite, fall scented candles.

Hates: the cat. Poor Prim, can’t catch a break.

How I’m Feeling: Exhausted. Sick. Listless. Very emotional. Not really very fun to be around. :/

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