Full Term!

We did it! We made it to 37 weeks! Good job, baby Moses! Thank you, Jesus.

I am so. stinking. thankful. that the end is near. So thankful for this little boy and the gift of a healthy (albeit miserable) pregnancy, but seriously. CAN’T WAIT to not be pregnant anymore.

I’m nesting. I’m also very sick most of the time, which means I don’t really have the energy to nest, although the urge is there and pretty much driving me crazy to not really be able to follow through on it. Apparently, it’s contagious, since my husband has been in super-productive mode of late.

Case in point. He built this BEAUTIFUL coffee table out of completely recycled materials. Recycled pallets, recycled stain (custom mixed with the help of my Father-in-law, the king of free or cheap DIY projects), and recycled wax sealant. I’m completely in love with it.


He also finally got around to hanging the gallery wall I’ve been designing and assembling. Confession: I have been mildly psychotic about the importance of getting these things on the walls before the baby gets here. And while I may yet switch some things around, I’m over the moon about it. It just makes our little apartment feel so much more homey to me. (Note: home-y, not homie.)


Please don’t judge my cluttered living room. We take it one step at a time ’round here these days.

Aaaaand here’s my big ole’ belly.


Week: 37.5 (wooot!!)

Baby is the size of: a winter melon. Whatever that is.

Loves: popsicles, ICE cold water, tea, lemon curd with GF cranberry orange scones from Whole Foods (I splurged), cool fall weather, cooking with cast iron (kind of a pain, kind of amazing at the same time), M&M McFlurries, epsom salt baths (miraculous gift of God), sitting in my pretty living room (despite the fact that it’s currently overloaded with boxes of stuff to give away, throw away, or find a place to put away), and watching the Big Bang Theory with Aaron– especially when it makes him laugh out loud.

Hates: heartburn, any article of clothing that is restrictive, nausea, having a gluten allergy (all I want right now is a big crusty loaf of Panera bread), worrying about my iron levels and prenatal appointments. Really one midwife in particular. She’s a jerk and I kind of want to punch her in the face… in Christ… I can do that, right Zeek? ;)


2 thoughts on “Full Term!

  1. Katie, reading through your updates seriously takes me back to memories of pregnancy like I was right there. So many of the same “loves” and “hates” (epsom salt baths seriously got me through to the end!). What a great way to document your feelings, thoughts, and emotions as you prepare to meet your firstborn son!

  2. yes you can, but then you have to say you are sorry and all that. Better off just accidentally barfing on her . . .ewwww. By the way that midwife will be then one to bring Moses into this world, so maybe wait on the barfing thing. Just sayn’

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