Three Months.

Right about now my life pretty much revolves around Moses. So instead of wasting precious nap time trying to come up with something thought provoking to say about marriage and motherhood when I don’t actually have anything in mind, I’m going to quickly get this post up, have a cup of tea, and heck, maybe even a shower if he’ll let me.

Look at hiiiiiiim! My little blue-eyed lounge baby. Cutest little time sucker on the block. :)



At three months old, little baby Moses…

– has grasping pretty much down.

– likes chewing on his receiving blankets.

– gave his Mama the worst birthday ever. (And that’s saying something if you’ve been with us for a while.)

– scoots himself around on his back like an upside-down inchworm.

really doesn’t like tummy time.

– already wears size 3 diapers.

– doesn’t need the nipple shield anymore! He weaned himself off it. It was a miraculous gift. Like Jesus just decided, “Nope, she’s had enough. We’re done with this now.”

– still has other nursing issues. It’s a good thing we have such an amazing and supportive lactation consultant.

– really, really wants to stand. Seriously. He tries so hard to make this happen.

– sleeps through the night (HALLELUJAH!!) but only if you go to bed when he does.

– is too strong for being swaddled with a blanket. He just wiggles right out of it. Now only velcro can contain this child.

– LOVES his Daddy and misses him when he’s gone. Almost as much as I do. Almost.

– is totally mesmerized by his exersaucer. Pretty sure it’s his favorite thing ever. Well, until further notice.