I feel like this month sort of flew by. Something about the weather getting above 30 degrees made me super motivated to get out of our apartment. Either that or I just really couldn’t handle being stuck inside any more. Frankly, Moses can’t either. He gets bored and then he turns into a giant fuss monster.

That’s right. My five month old gets bored. Like temper tantrum/total meltdown bored. Heaven help me.

Thank God for strollers and sunny days. This long winter’s just about been the death of me.

Now that I’m no longer nursing, I’m trying to get the baby weight off. And the pre-baby weight as well. Easier said than done. Still, I’m trying. And trying is better than not trying, right?

We’re also house shopping. This is equally fun and frustrating. Okay, maybe not quite equally, but still. If you’re a praying person, you can pray that we’re able to find and buy the right house quickly. We have very much outgrown the space we’re in and the house hunt is just exhausting.

I didn’t take a lot of photos this month, but I did take this one and I can’t help but post it.


At five months old, baby Moses…

– is suuuuuuch a flirt. Especially with the cashiers at Target. Seriously. Look at that “Hey ladies” grin. We’re in trouble.

– can roll from back to front and front to back and push up Little Mermaid style on his belly. However, he usually doesn’t do any of these things because he still hates tummy time.

– wakes up a lot in the middle of the night. Probably wouldn’t be a huge deal if he had his own room and could fuss himself back to sleep, but he doesn’t and Mama is just about losing it from sleep deprivation. Still, we’re always working on finding ways to help him learn to be a better sleeper. We’ve also recently started sleeping on the futon. Desperate times.

– loooooves being worn in a Moby or Bjorn. Never the Ergo and sometimes the ring sling. Apparently he prefers hand-me-down or borrowed baby wearing devices. Wish I’d known that before I dropped over $100 on the other two. Sigh. I guess it makes sense though– he is a Maurer after all. ;) Thriftiness is in his blood.

– is doing pretty great with feedings now that we’ve got him all situated. Meds + fancy formula + anti-colic bottles = a much happier tummy for Moses.

– just started solids and loooooves them. He actually gets mad and yells if I don’t keep it coming fast enough.

– is teething like crazy. Nothing’s popped through yet. I’m using everything in my teething arsenal to try to help him in the meantime. Poor guy.

– loves to squeal and squawk and smile and sing.

– reeeeally loves his Daddy. I love watching him get all excited when Aaron gets home. Best ever.

– doesn’t hate Sundays any more! Granted, the day is really, really long and when nap time rolls around, he is really, REALLY ready for it. He loooooves watching the worship team, but the second Hansel gets up to pray– meltdown. Then it’s off to the restless child room where he usually spends most of the time laying on his blanket and happily watching the lights, windows, and other restless children. Manageable. Much more manageable.