I must confess, I have mixed emotions about my son being six months old. One the one hand– we are finally halfway through the first year! On the other– we are already halfway through the first year!! How thrilling and sad. What a relief and yet just a little bit disappointing. I wouldn’t say I have baby fever – the sleepless nights are just a liiiiiiiittle bit too fresh in my mind for that. But I am thankful we’ve entered the fun stage. Six to nine month olds have always been my favorite. (That is until they’re four. Four year olds are the best. Hands down.)

And in true six month old fashion, Moses’ little personality is finally coming out and it’s a lot of fun.


This child is a daredevil. He gets so excited when Daddy gets home and laughs and laughs when he plays the sort of games with him that only a Daddy ever would. You know, the ones that make most mamas bite their nails and call out “Careful, honey!” I can’t say he’s fearless (thank God) but I’m happy for Aaron’s sake that they have more ways to enjoy each other.

This child doesn’t smile for everyone. He’s a bit selective with his affection. But he seems to really enjoy his grandparents, his uncles, Bronte, and the female cashiers at Target. That being said…

This child is a FLIRT. This particularly manifests itself with grins, happy kicks, and general arm flailing. I adore him.

This child likes to eat. The more real foods I introduce to him, the less interested he seems to be in taking a bottle. Doc says we probably shouldn’t work on weaning him off the bottle just yet, but to continue introducing new solids and keep working on the sippy cup. (He’s really, really terrible with a sippy cup. It’s kind of pathetic. I’ve never seen a kid take so long to figure it out. And I think I’ve tried four or five different kinds.)

At six months old, little baby Moses…


– is the cutest. Seriously.

– seems to have his reflux under control. Praise. the. Lord. Meds and formula and solids seem to be really helping. Every so often he has a flare-up and that day is pretty miserable. But I’m thankful he seems to be in a better place.

– looooooves baby food. Makes little yummy noises with every bite. I like to give him rice cereal mixed with strained fruit or vegetables. Okay usually just fruit. I know I should be trying to introduce more veggies, but frankly, the veggie poops are horrendous. Waaayyyy worse than the fruit poops. One of these days…

– is staying awake for longer periods during the day (usually around 2-3 hours at a time) and napping super inconsistently. I’d like to get him on a more set schedule but I’m kind of lazy with it because on those random days he sleeps in til 8:00 AM instead of 6:15, I’m blissfully happy. Those days are few and far between… but still.

– is still not sleeping through the night. Still waking up at least once to eat and a few times just for funsies. We took away the pacifier and the gripe water and we’re weaning him off the swaddler now that he’s rolling over. Even so– waking up once or twice or even three times is soooooooo much better than every 1-2 hours. And the more sleep I get, the less I’m like a ticking time bomb of sleep deprivation and hormones.

– loves eating frozen fruit out of his little mesh feeder from Auntie Loni. (Seriously, I am indebted to you forever for all the brilliant baby gifts you’ve given us.)

– looks adorable in hats. Especially his Emmet Otter/Elmer Fudd/Charlie Brown Christmas hat.

– loves to grab and pull and chew and suck on absolutely everything. Especially my hair.

– isn’t really sitting up very well. He’s great with support and he can hold himself upright for a few seconds on his own, but generally prefers to flop. Oh well.

– still has blonde hair and blue eyes. Just like his Daddy did when he was little.


Unrelated: You know, these photos are really not my best work. Shoddy composition, lazy white balancing, inattention to detail, patterns clashing absolutely everywhere. But you know what? Just this once, I’m going to say I don’t care. Or at least I don’t care enough to refrain from posting them. Because (a) my kid looks freaking adorable anyway and (b) taking great photos takes a lot of time and effort. And I’m short on both at the moment. And right now, I’d rather focus on making my little man happy without a huge hunk of camera in front of my face. He’s only this little for so long.