If you’d told me five months ago that come this time of year, I would have such a happy kid, I probably would have thrown something at you. Or at least mumbled some not-so-nice things under my breath about how even though I’m a first time mom, this is not my first rodeo and I do actually understand a thing or two about babies. Forgive me my grumbliness. Post-partum and sleep deprivation and spiritual drought are a particularly nasty combination. While I knew eventually, Moses would mature and that most babies are generally pretty happy and fun to be around between 6-9 months, I had no idea just how fun & happy my son would be.


Moses is a drool bucket. (Choc it up to those pesky teeth poking through and a newfound obsession with his tongue.)

He’s also a really, really happy kid. And as long as he has new things to see and people to watch and places to go, he’s pretty content just watching the world go by from his stroller or high chair or shopping cart or whatever contraption I’m wearing him in.


I have to say, I will forever have a soft spot and an overflowing cup of compassion for parents of reflux babies. Watching your little baby squirm and scream in so much pain and hate eating is just something no one should have to suffer through. And I know there are families who had it far worse than we did. I’m so very, very thankful that now, at seven months, those days are pretty much over. His meds are working (although we do have the occasional “flare up” days which are the worst), he’s eating well, he’s healthy and happy. He even sleeps. It’s a miracle. And I’m thankful beyond words.

At seven months, little baby Moses…


– has 1.5 teeth. And they’re the cutest everrrr.

– is such a happy boy it’s hard to believe he’s the same kid who was so very unhappy a few months ago.

– IS FINALLY SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!!!! It only took him 6+ months and a few really miserable nights of sleep training, some encouragement from our awesome pediatrician, and weaning him off all his “sleep crutches” (see this totally awesome book), but he did it. We did it. It was a team effort.

– loves to jump and bounce and kick and flail himself about. He has two speeds: turbo and unconscious.

– has kind of gingery hair in the sunlight. But then again, so do I.

– loves to laugh and babble and be silly. And drool all over everything in the process.

– spends a lot of time making this face:


PS: You may have noticed my blog got a makeover. I decided I like the simple, clean, minimalistic presentation since this blog has become moreso about photography and life with Moses than what it was before. I may change it up more when I have the time. But Saturday morning naptimes are for coffee, relaxing, and dreaming about what to do with the day– not agonizing over blog design choices. :)