Sakura Bloom Sling Diary Submission – A Day in the Life

It’s February in Minnesota – typically the coldest month of the year. This is when you’re most likely to check your weather app, see that it’s thirty below at 8 AM and that it isn’t going to get any warmer, and want to pull the covers right back over your head.


But we are mothers. We don’t have that luxury.

So we bundle up in our wool slippers and fleece-lined tights and sweaters. We drink coffee – lots. We beg our friends to brave the cold and join us for an afternoon to help each other (and our little ones) stay sane.

Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last sixteen months, it’s that motherhood is hard work.


It’s precious and it’s fleeting, but without the love and support of other mamas in our community, it can feel stifling. Suffocating. Especially when you’re trapped indoors with a laundry list of things to do and a highly active toddler.


So we breathe deep. We make ourselves stronger. We drink more coffee. We take our time washing those dishes – letting the water warm our hands. We laugh as we chase our little ones around the house– again. We take time to stop toiling away at all our busy nothings and cherish those snuggles.


Because these days are fleeting. Though some of them seem longer than they have any right to be, the years go by so fast. And before we know it, those chubby little hands now stacking pancake pieces on top of a sippy cup will be waving goodbye as they head off to their first day of kindergarten. Or college. Or Australia. Who knows what wonderful adventures the future holds for this little life?


So we find joy in the chaos. We embrace it. Because we know one day we’ll find ourselves longing for the sleepless nights and endless days we spent being everything to our babies.

(Photo credit: first photo mine, all others courtesy of Ryan Stadler.)


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