Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 12

It’s that time again! And although I intended to get another post in here before having to do another weigh-in, buuuut my free time is pretty limited until I finally put the finishing touches on these wedding photos.

So without further adieu…


The Numbers: Down! That’s what I like to see. And yet I wasn’t really anticipating much of a loss (if any) given that a few days this week, I totally blew off tracking. Just goes to show the program works. And I made my goal of losing another 5 lbs in the month of September.

Non-Scale Victories: My only pair of non-maternity jeans were literally falling off my butt. So I bought a smaller size. Real jeans. Not the stretchy kind. That hasn’t happened in like… ever. It felt pretty amazing. I also did yoga this week – not a whole class as planned, but about 30 mins of sun salutations and a whole lot of sitting in child’s pose and down dog while the lady on the video did extra pretzely things that I couldn’t. And meanwhile, my toddler practiced climbing over and under me. Not a total win, but still a victory as I could have chosen to do lots of other things instead.

Last Week’s Goal: Track every day (5/7) Mehhh.

This Week’s Goal(s): Track every day. Eight glasses of water per day. Finish wedding photos. (Ambitious, are we? Yes, I think so.)

This Month’s Goal: One yoga class per week. (1/5)