Fashion Friday: The Man Bun

Let’s talk hair. I looooove to talk hair. And since I’m currently recovering from a hair catastrophe (seriously, never letting anyone but Katie touch my hair again) — I figured it was only fitting to talk about another kind of hair catastrophe.

That’s right. The man bun.

Maybe “catastrophe” isn’t a fair word to use. After all, I have definitely seen it done well. I’ve also seen it done… well, like this.


I feel like the guys who don’t manage to pull this off either don’t really have enough hair for it or it’s just too sleek. I’ve personally never been a fan of sleek hairstyles. And in my opinion, the bearer of the sleek man bun winds up looking sort of like a sloppy samurai. (I’m looking at you, Jared Leto.) Either that or it just looks a little too effeminate for my taste. (Note the face framing “glamour curls” on the gentleman in the center of the second row.)

I think in all my scouring of the internet I’ve decided I can’t really get into the whole “man bun” movement. Unless the bearer of said bun looks like Chris Hemsworth or Clive Standen.

However, if you do happen to have that certain je ne sais quois Viking factor…


What do you think, dear readers? Man bun yes? Or man bun nooooo?

Comment below to weigh in! :)


5 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: The Man Bun

  1. Well…honestly I have a problem with a man having better hair than I do. With that said, I am old and have seen this trend come and go more than once so… will go again. I vote a big “NO”.

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