Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 16

You know, there are times we set these great goals for ourselves and they’re super motivating and we’re reaching them and it just feels amazing. And then there are times we realize we are setting too many goals. And then we’re not meeting them and they’re no longer helpful because they leave us feeling like failures.

Maybe it’s just me. But that’s how I’m feeling on this particular Weigh-in Wednesday.

My leader said something really helpful in our meeting this week. “If you kinda work the program, the program kinda works. If you really work the program, the program really works.” I guess that’s the nice thing about choosing a reputable weight loss plan that’s actually guaranteed to work. All you have to do is suck it up and do the work.


The Numbers: Down. Praise ye the Lord! And while it’s not a huge surprise, it really is grace. Not surprising because this was a combination birthday celebration marathon for my 2 year old and a double photo session weekend. One event for the Twin Cities Mom’s Blog (whaaaaaat?!) and one large group family photo session. Grace – because I had a couple too many sangrias at that lovely TCMB event and tracked nothing at all ever. all. weekend. long. I also didn’t really eat very much because I was too busy to slow down for healthy choices and definitely over-indulged because “Oh! I’m so active and I know I haven’t used very many points today, so a meal’s worth of bacon and kettle corn it is!” Dangerous. Really. Super not healthy on every level. Thankfully, the program still works.

Non-Scale Victories: SOOOOO MANY STEPS!!!

Last Week’s Goals: Finish processing photos before my double session weekend.✓ Finish new KMP website. 2 Zumba music videos per day. 2 yoga classes this week (to make up for the one I skipped this month). Have so much fun with Mojo for his birthday. ✓ (2/5 – choosing the kindest possible way to count all those missed goals.)

Last Month’s Goal: One yoga class per week (3/5) :(

This Week’s Goal: Eight glasses of water. Every. Single. Day.

This Month’s Goal: Hit my 10% weight loss goal. (This is a Weight Watchers thing. You can read more about this specific goal here. And if I really work hard – I will hit this goal within the next month.)