Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 17

Ugh. I knew this day would come. That one of these weeks, I’d have to do a WIW and I gained. It’s inevitable. After all, I didn’t get to where I am by being super self-controlled about my diet and exercise.

This week started so well. And then Halloween happened. And I had a truly smart plan in place.

  1. Buy awesome treats that you don’t have much interest in for trick-or-treaters. Check!
  2. Only take Mojo trick-or-treating to the 3-4 neighbors you know and want to connect with. (This limits the amount of candy he gets which in turn limits the amount of candy available for me to eat.) Check!

I felt like a rockstar that night.

Pride cometh before the fall.

My plan backfired when our neighbors were generous and I ate *all* the candy. (New Jimmy Kimmel series, anyone? “Dear Jimmy Kimmel, I ate all my kid’s halloween candy and hid all evidence of my crime hoping he wouldn’t notice?” I doubt the ratings already.) Granted, it wasn’t that much and he did get a couple treats before I did, but it was enough to send my tracking and mindfulness and water consumption and good behavior totally off the rails.

And this time, the scale actually reflected the choices that I made this week. No surprise scale grace for me today.

But you know what? That’s okay because I learned something about myself today that I probably wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. I haven’t really been approaching splurges with mindfulness. In fact, I’ve kind of had a little bit of a cocky attitude in my heart about this whole thing. Something to the tune of..

“It’s okay for me to cheat and not track it a couple times a week. As long as I drink lots of water and get my steps in, I’ll still lose weight.”

“It doesn’t really matter because I’m 28 – my body hasn’t hit that plateau yet where it’s really hard to lose weight. It’s just coming right off no matter what I do.”

I think I really needed the numbers to go up this week. I needed that “Noooo!” moment when I saw my little tracking sheet. I needed to be reminded that my actions actually do have consequences. This is true in all areas of life and I think it’s easy for me to lose sight of that. Just like living in the freedom Christ has purchased on my behalf doesn’t mean I live in a world without law and order. Liberty and lawlessness are not the same thing.

So, friends. Here’s to starting over. Again. And again. And again. Because, right now, giving into despair and shame and losing all the ground I’ve gained is just not an option.


The Numbers: Up. Frankly I’m very surprised they didn’t go up more than that. Today, I am choosing to be thankful for that and also continuing to work on practicing acceptance and kindness. Shame and guilt are not my friends and allowing those kinds of thoughts to plague me will not help me continue on this journey.

Non-Scale Victories: The fact that I said anything that I just said is not just a victory but a huuuuuuuge evidence of the grace of God at work in my heart. Believe me when I say that is not me, friends.

Last Week’s Goals: Eight glasses of water. Every. Single. Day. (5/7)

This Week’s Goal: “Fit in fitness” every day this week. Whether that’s a yoga class or a walk or a quick Zumba video on YouTube. It makes a difference. And I’m going to need that difference if I’m still going to meet that monthly goal I set last week.

This Month’s Goal: Hit my 10% weight loss goal. (This is a Weight Watchers thing. You can read more about this specific goal here. And if I really work hard – I will hit this goal within the next month.)