Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 19

Have you ever made a decision and then thought– “Hmmm. That’s probably not a good choice for me” and made it anyway? Of course you have. You’re human.

I feel like that’s what happened this week. A lot.

With late night snacking decisions. With this week’s goal setting. With laziness in general. With shooting myself in the foot with anxiety.

But, as it happens, God is faithful – even (especially?) to women who make bad choices and then scramble to try and gain back the ground they lost. I think He knew I needed to not hit that 1 lb goal – apparently I still needed more reinforcement of that whole “the choices you make really do have consequences” thing. I think He also knew I was headed for a shame spiral this week if I didn’t. I was honestly shocked when I hit a new milestone at my WW meeting. And so, so thankful.




The Numbers: I didn’t lose “at least one pound” this week. Not even a whole pound. But that 0.4 lbs was all it took to push me over the 20 lb milestone. I really needed that victory today. Even though I know I technically can lose 2 lbs in a week and still hit that 10% milestone this month, it’s gonna take a lot of work and there’s no way I would have been up for it if this week had been another setback.

Non-Scale Victories: My husband keeps telling me how proud he is of me and how he can see the difference. And I’m actually believing him. (This has very little to do with my husband and a lot more with struggling to see myself in a positive light.) I also tried on a new sweater this week and couldn’t decide between the medium and the large. 19 weeks ago, I was having this problem with XL and XXL. I’m also noticing I have more energy and am actually willing and eager to do more active play with my very active toddler.

Last Week’s Goals: Eight glasses of water per day. Lose at least one pound this week. Nope and nope. (5/7 for water and 0/0 for scale) I knew that scale goal was going to throw me off. And it did. At least I learned something.

This Week’s Goal: “Fit in fitness” every day. Keeping it simple this week. I really liked this goal and found it very effective last time.

This Month’s Goal: Hit my 10% weight loss goal. (This is a Weight Watchers thing. You can read more about this specific goal here. And if I really work hard – I will hit this goal this month.)