Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 20

YOU GUYS!!!!!! I DID IT!!!!! I MADE MY 10% GOAL!!!!!!

I don’t think I’ve ever been happier about a scale based victory. Truly.

I also don’t think I’ve ever set a weight loss goal this big (read: stressful) and actually met that goal.

And I am 100% certain I have never lost this much weight before.

I. am. so. excited.

Not only that – Jesus gave me a new camera. It’s a straight up Christmas miracle a full month early. More about that later.

I am just so, so thankful.

My devotional this morning was about giving thanks to God in times of joy. Seems like a no-brainer, right? And yet, there’s Jesus, scratching his head when only one man miraculously healed of his leprosy comes back to praise him in Luke 17. “Were not 10 cleansed?”

Thankfulness. Gratitude. Praise. They are the obvious response to providence.

Except that they aren’t. So often, I don’t thank him for the gifts he gives. In fact, if I’m honest, much of the time, I don’t even acknowledge them at all. But I sure know how to complain when he isn’t pouring on the grace and gifts and joy and success.

So. That’s what I’m working on this week. And not just because it’s the end of November. Honestly, I feel so cliché posting about practicing gratitude two days before Thanksgiving. And if you know me, you know I am not a fan of anything mainstream.

But perhaps, on this particular occasion, the mainstream ain’t so bad.


The Numbers: Down so much I can hardly believe it. God is so, so good to me. And here’s the crazy part – I was sick this week. So I wasn’t doing a whole lot of “fitting in fitness” at all. (Except for some squats while I did laundry and a little mall walking.) But I did stay within my allotment of points this week and that just goes to show that this program really does work if you work it.

Non-Scale Victories: When you hit a major milestone – you really want to treat yourself. And if you’re like me, you really want to treat yourself more than you should. (ie: blowing it on a really stupid meal from a restaurant that is really not plan friendly.) This week, I chose *not* to do that. Instead, I chose to treat myself with a too-cute-for-words loose leaf tea brewing mug and my favorite herbal tea. Because I need to stop equating “food” with “reward” in my head. Food is just food. It doesn’t actually make me happy. But enjoying a delicious cup of tea and knitting? That’s another story.

Last Week’s Goals: “Fit in fitness” every day. Not so much.

This Week’s Goal: Don’t go crazy with Thanksgiving. Track absolutely everything. Stay on plan.

This Month’s Goal: Hit my 10% weight loss goal. ✓  – Dang. That. feels. amazing.

Next Month’s Goal: Eight glasses of water every. single. day. EVERY DAY!!! No excuses! This is totally achievable and really, really good for me.



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